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men are so romantic... :)

Morning at home...

So I'm going post happy today it seems, but I wanted to put this one up... This is our house at 7am in the morning...

It's so nice being out in the middle of nowhere. I know it's nothing compared to the real country where you don't have neighbors for miles. But after living in the congested areas of Denton where stars and beautiful quiet foggy mornings are only a distant memory, this is just another piece of heaven.

A few nights ago, it rained REALLY hard down here with lightning and thunder. One was so loud and close it literally shook the house. I made Chris get up in the middle of the night and unplug all the electronics in the house. But man, what a show, and what a picture the scene made outside.....

What can I say... all is right with the world. :)

Don't worry... i'm sure this new-found sappy mood will wear off after one night of working again.

One thing I'd like to point out.... how does our fake grass look? :) Water restrictions are still in effect in our town so we haven't put sod down yet. ^^*

A New Addition to our Family...

Man, lots of stuff going on these days, and since i've been sick for 4 days, I've actually had time to write on LJ... Very Exciting... Anyway, here's something else really important to us.

Chris and I are getting a dog.
We're getting a dog!
hehe it's a dog!!!
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It took long enough....

The day has finally come...

After many many months... maybe even years of treating it with kid gloves... hoping against all hope that it would last just a few more years.
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poetic justice

So it's become really hard for me to post on here these days with working so much and the house and everything else, but this was too good for me to not post. I have to say, days like this makes me so glad that i work where i work. ^^*
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just an update

I've gotten really bad about posting on lj these days. it's mostly because when i posted, it was at work, in the pharmacy in denton, where i could have some down time to write in the journal. Lately at work, especially since i've moved over to the er, i never have time to post. home time is sleep time, and sleep time very very important... :) So here's a little update:

HOUSE: My house should be ready by the end of september. i've been talking to the mortgage guys and the house builders, and we should be doing the final walk through the last week of september. very very exciting for me. unfortunately, it also means i work alot these days to save up bundles and bundles... which by the way, it's really happening as quickly. :) me and my spending habits.... what can i say?

WORK: Working in the ER has been great. I've been officially moved over as ER staff now, so I haven't really worked a day in med surg since. I still think I may pick up a few hours here or there, but we shall see. For now, the ER keeps me busy with over time and everything.
Lots of interesting stories have come my way for me to tell when friends get together and i can't wait to see if there will be more. I have become the queen of foleys and pelvic exams unfortunately, and the more i do it... can't understand what women see in women... if you know what i mean. just bleck to me. :\ One part i really like is working with peds. I've gotten really good at sticking kids and i have a really good repor with them when there here. I love having kid patients actually, so we shall see where this goes.
Holli has started working at the hospital, so it's great being able to see her at work. When she has time, she and Nicki come down to see me in the ER and we rest for a few minutes. Of course, nothing but praise has been heard just like i knew it would be, so i'm really glad working with her.

Relationship: Chris and I have been doing great. Just trucking along and enjoying the heck out of each other. We went to the casinos a few weeks ago and had alot of fun on the blackjack tables. I think i may have gotten him addicted to playing though. Can't wait to go back. Finally met his parents a few weeks ago as well. His parents are a blast. His mother and i get along really well and i think we've formed a little bond against the men. ^^* Chris also got to meet my cousin and her family, and they really liked him. He got to beat my cousin's husband in blackjack and made my cousin blush by holding the door for her. We have to go back to OK soon.

So that's about it for me. That and i have to go take care of my patient now. Next time, i'll have to put down an er experience on my lj. so... coming soon.... :)
So i haven't been posting for a while. Been busy and working down in Mesquite, it doesn't really give me much time to get on LJ like Denton used to.... *sigh* in some ways i miss that bottomless well of shit that i used to work at. :) Still receiving checks from them, so i don't want to pontificate.

Having a bf is great in so many ways, such as...
- i never have to fill the water in the humidifier so it waits empty until he fills it.
- trash... what trash... it takes too much muscle. :)
- If i want to stay at home, i have a valid excuse with ppl now, not just "i don't feel up to it..."
- When i get sick, there's someone i can whine to (not like i wasn't using my friends to do that anyway, but at least now i have a person who has to be nice back.)
- When you do want to go out, there's someone else to drive :)
- There's always someone to try out my experiements... i mean cooking.

But of course, there's a down side to it too...
- More laundry... i actually have to keep up with laundry now instead of doing it as little as once every 2 to 3 months.
- It's cold in my room...
- And biggest impact: I don't want to go to work as much. My life pratically revolved around my work. 6-7 days a week, 12 hour shifts, etc. Now, I find really pathetic excuses to not want to go into work. I ask to be on the cancel list, and I'm not picking up as many shifts as i used to. I tell you, this learning how to not focus one's life on one's work is difficult and un-nerving. I keep on telling myself that i am bad... but i still don't care, and then i do it again.

Holli says it's me finally having a life, and she's probably right. Either way, so much fun.

Past that, work has been great. They've started to use me exclusively in PCU or ER, and for those of you who were at H&D's BBQ, i have more stories!!! It's so exciting, and i actually was a part of a full code. The sad part is seeing the little babies that come in really really sick and some not even breathing. It also makes me so thankful that i never got very deep into the drugs and alcohol world. Man, the ODs that you see...

Anyway, hope everyone's doing well.